Why are Solar Panels useful for our society.

Solar Panels

Work on Either

Photovoltaic model


Solar-Thermal model.

Solar Panels are electrical devices that can convert Solar Energy or the Light falling from Sun into electrical energy. The fuel cost is zero, the cost of generation is mainly the operation cost. Sun light is available upto and average of 10 hours a day in many countries and hence solar energy can be a useful source to generate electricity and such a source that is free of cost and naturally available. One of the most important factors of using solar energy is that it is a pollution free energy source that is readily available to us, the cost of generation is also low as compared to some other sources.

With the use of Solar Energy the need of Nuclear power will be considerably less as the generation of electricity by means of Nuclear Power produces harmful wastes.

Sometimes Fuel is required from other countries and hence countries have to pay the suppliers huge amount of money in order to fulfill the fuel demands to generate electricity. Solar Energy is available to every country and hence there is no need to be dependent on other countries.

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