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Features of Our School / College Management System
  • Staff Data Management
  • Teachers, HODs & Deans Data Management
  • Student Records Management
  • Fees Record Management
  • Financial Year Setup and Initialize
  • Headwise Fees Management
  • Financial Accounting

Our School Management System or ERP is designed for paperless administration of Schools and Educational institutions.

Why you should use our School / College ERP

  • Our Application is developed after great deal of research regarding requirement of Institutions.
  • Our application has smooth flow and it is easy to understand and use.
  • No technical knowledge is required to use our application.
  • If you have any custom requirement we can modify our application accordingly.
  • It is cost effective.
Device Usage
Desktop Mobile Tablet
Software in Action
Instructions from Developer

Step 1- Add Staff (i.e Teachers, Principals, HOD etc.).

Step 2 - Add Class in School.

Step 3 - Add / Register Student in respective class.

Step 4 - Add Fees Heads ( Admission, Transport, Tuition etc.)

Step 5 - Add Classwise & Headwise Fees.

Step 6 - Use View Students page to Take Monthly Fees and view Remaining Fees.

Step 7 - After taking fees you can print Fees Reciept in PDF form.

Responsive Design

Our School Management System is Responsive, You can use it on any device efficiently.

You can view report anywhere anytime.

Other Versions of Software

We have a full featured Desktop Software Application as well. You can use our desktop software if you dont have propert internet connectivity. All the featuress in our Online Application are available in Offline Application as well. If you are interested in offline application contact us at info[@]slidescope.com