How to Install Solar Panel in Home in United States of America

New York : To Install Solar Panel in Home first you must understand these points
Solar Panels Convert energy from Solar Light into electrical energy
Solar Panels product DC (direct current)electrical power and most of the electrical and electronics home appliances in USA run on AC (alternating current) power
To convert DC Voltage produced by solar panel to AC voltage, you will need an Inverter
Inverter works both ways, AC to DC conversion and DC to AC conversion
The power capacity of inverter depends upon the devices you want to run using solar power
One ceiling fan on an average consumes 70 Watts of electrical power
An LED TV of 40 inches consumes 100 – 150 watts of electrical power
You can find the energy consumption details on the manuals of your appliances
You can calculate the total amount of power needed and based on that the capacity of your Solar Power Plant will be calculated.
You can also share the details of your appliances that you want to run in the comments section and we will calculate the power for you
You can also use our solar power calculator to get an idea.

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