What are the different types of solar panels in united states

What are the different types of solar panels?

Today we will try to understand what are the two major types of solar panels, and how to choose from them?

Major types of Solar Panel
Two main types of silicon solar panels are prevalent in the World market:

  • Polycrystalline
  • MonoCrystalline

What are MonoCrystalline Solar Panels ?

There is a type in which solar cells are formed with thin slices of the same crystal of pure silicon. There is not even a small flaw inside that solar cell. Just as the jeweler catches even a small flaw in the diamond, just as a small flaw in the silicon crystal reduces the eclipse of solar energy. But the process of making solar cells without such excessive drawbacks is also very expensive. A solar panel made of such a solar cell is called a monocrystalline solar panel.

What are PolyCrystalline Solar Panels ?

The second type is one in which there are not one but several crystals inside the solar cell. The process of making such solar cells is, on average, somewhat less expensive. Such a panel is called a polycrystalline solar panel. Having multiple crystals in a solar cell is one type of drawback, and due to this, the eclipse of solar energy is slightly less.

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