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How to Run R Programming Language on Jupyter Notebook on Anaconda

  • To Run R Programming Language on Jupyter Notebook download Anaconda software.
  • In Anaconda Click on Environments Tab below the Home tab.
  • In environments create New Environment.
  • Name it anything like “r-env”
  • Wait for the environment to get created.
  • Now on the arrow just after environment Open Jupyter Notebook.
  • In Jupyter notebook web page click on New and chose R Notebook.

See the video

What is NLP ? Python NLTK

Natural Language Processing using Python

What is Natural Language Processing

  • Natural Language Processing is a field of Artificial Intelligence where we create a software program in such a way that it can interact with Humans in their own language.
  • It gives computers an ability to interact with humans as two humans interact with each other.

Which are the Best Libraries of NLP in Python

*There are various libraries using which we can start NLP projects in Python:

*Some of them are :

*Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK)

  • Gensim.
  • CoreNLP.
  • spaCy.
  • TextBlob.
  • Pattern.
  • PyNLPl.

In this course we will learn use of NLTK library.

How to Connect Home Inverter to Electrical Equipment

How to connect home inverter to equipment

We have prepared a series of 2 videos to demonstrate and explain connection of home inverter to any electrical equipment or residential load.

We are using a line wire from the AC output of Home Inverter and this line output is fed as a source of supply to Electrical Loads.

A single 150 AH battery is connected to our inverter for power backup.

Please refer to this block diagram to understand the circuit :

How to Connect Home Inverter to Electrical Equipment

You can refer to this video to understand this block diagram :

If you have any doubts please comment below.

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