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Solar Power Plant Block Diagram

Block Diagram of Solar Panel based power generation for residential use.

Solar Panel Block Diagram

The Solar Panel Block diagram of a power plant for residential use . IT contains mainly a Photovoltaic Array ( Solar Panel ); the produced electrical power from this array when exposed to sun light is fed to a DC side isolation switch, This isolation switch is connected to the input terminals of an inverter of rated capacity required & the other end or output of the inverter is connected to the AC side isolation switch. The output of AC side isolation switch is connected to the PV Power meter to measure the power and this is connected to the main fuse box assembly where the power from the AC mains is connected ( AC mains is the residential power from Govt or any supplier ) . The AC mains work in conjunction with the Solar Power and whenever Solar Energy is available our appliances work on Solar Power This setup explains the circuit diagram of Solar Panel circuit in conjunction with solar inverters.You can user LED Bulbs to save electrical energy. You can try this project in your home but make sure your are under proper guidance of expert technician.Solar Charge Controller is the major element of this power plant. It is used to control the varying DC voltage from the Panel Output. It prevents overcharging of batteries as well. Batteries are most expensive element of this circuit. A low cost efficient charge controller ensures better battery life as well.

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Solar Panel Block Diagram

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What is the importance of Solar Energy ?

Importance of Solar Energy

Importance of Solar Energy

Before understanding what is the importance of solar energy we must understand what solar energy is ?

What is Solar Energy ?

Solar energy is the energy coming from sun that falls to earth surface. These light rays are a source of energy that can be used to generate electrical power. If a person stands without a shed in a bright sunny day he can feel the thermal energy of the sun. Hence this energy must be stored somewhere so that it can be used for the process of power generation and that can be done with the help of solar cells .Solar energy is a pollution free source of energy that can be used to charge these solar cells and transform it to be used as electricity.

Solar energy is one of the most important element for existence of life on our planet. Humans, Animals & Plants; all are dependent on Solar Energy. We can now harness this energy to use it for various other purpose such as electricity generation and geysers.

Importance of Solar Energy ?

Solar Energy is also important for Photosynthesis to take place. It is one important source of Vitamin D as well.

Solar energy is important as it is a clean and pollution-free source of energy.

The power generated from solar energy id Versatile considering its applications.

It can be used in Watches , calculators , vehicles , residential electric loads , commercial electric loads and entire city’s power supply.

Solar Energy is readily available free of cost to everyone. We can install Solar Power Plants to convert this energy into electrical energy. Solar Power Plants have Solar Panels, Solar Charge Controllers, Solar Inverters, Solar Batteries and Thermal Reflectors etc. as key elements.

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